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The history of the red sauce in the words of Rhonda Moore.

My grandparents Ellsworth and Aileen Moore were involved in the A&W business when they came to Flint in 1935 and opened the city’s first A&W. My grandfather had never cared for the taste of ketchup, so my grandmother came up with a homemade ketchup recipe better suited to his taste. It has been used ever since in our restaurants. In 1964, My grandfather and father built the Hot Dog Stand in Grand Blanc that my family currently operates. Our family also owned the A&W in downtown Flint, on Beech Street, which was in our family for over 50 years. The A&W name may be gone, but our restaurant still uses the original recipe that has been in our family businesses for the last 80 years. The “Original Red Sauce” is only available at the Hot Dog Stand in Grand Blanc. –Rhonda Moore

Red Sauce Hot Dog Sauce

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